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Our Group of Companies  
  Alam Armada Corporation Sdn Bhd
  Alamgala Resources Sdn Bhd
  Alam Armada International Sdn Bhd
  Teguh Armada Sdn Bhd
  Ocean Armada Resources Sdn Bhd
  South Sea Marine Services Sdn Bhd
  GF Maritime Ventures Sdn Bhd
  Posto Sdn Bhd
  Alam Tebrau Sdn Bhd
  Genesis Oceans Sdn Bhd
      Our dedicated bunker barge fleet offers fueling services in compliance with all regulatory, legal and environmental standards. We guarantee quality ISO-specified fuels, including Marine Gas Oil (MGO), Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) 180cst and 380cst. In addition, our services include expert advice for our clients on the best bunkering options for local and international freight.

Genesis Oceans Sdn Bhd

Genesis Oceans is responsible for effective ship management solutions for shipping companies and assisting clients with all aspects of ship management, audits and certifications.


South Sea Marine Services Sdn Bhd

South Sea Marine is an appointed agent responsible for the handling of shipments and cargo. This includes all liaisons with the authorities for inward and outward customs clearance specialising in petroleum products. The company also oversees crew matters such as immigration formalities, OK-to-board letters, arrangement of medical assistance and assisting with currency exchange. Included in the services of the company are the transportation means during arrival and departure of crew changes.

Alam Tebrau Sdn Bhd

Alam Tebrau Sdn Bhd specialises in boat and launch services in the Pasir Gudang area for documents and provisions delivery that include 12-seater passenger boats for the convenience of crew transfers, surveyors and technicians from land to ship. We offer a variety of boats to suit the budget range and requirements of our customers at competitive rates.

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Synergy Maritime
G Ocean
Sapura Kencana
Evergreen Line
Inai Kiara
Gagasan Carriers